Meet Robbie Clark, owner and operator of Black Zulu Lawn Care Service. “ I really enjoy working outdoors, so when I finished my time in the Navy I decided to start Black Zulu Lawn Care Service in Asheville.


When I'm not providing lawn maintenance, I'm working on my graduate degree.

I get the question "Where did you get the name Black Zulu from?" quite often. Black Zulu came about during my time in the military. I went into the United States Navy in December 2005. I met 7 other individuals at the beginning of my 8 year career in the military and they became my brothers. We came together from all parts of the United States during our training as sonar techs in San Diego. We established our own military fraternity and named it Black Zulu. The meaning behind this fraternity of brothers was one in which we would have each others backs for the rest of our lives and things discussed between us would be considered classified beyond Top Secret. I named my business after this brotherhood as a sign of respect to these men that I served with and the same men that I consider family to this day.  

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